We are deeply honoured and delighted to announce that a new Bryce Courtenay book ‘The Silver Moon’ will be published on October 22nd this year – just in time for Christmas!

The Silver Moon: Reflections on life, death and writing is a collection of short stories that will bring joy to your hearts.

It is an inspiring read, profoundly moving, honest and marvelously entertaining.

In short it is vintage Bryce Courtenay, and a poignant celebration of Bryce’s lifelong passion for storytelling. It will also bring you even closer to the man behind the bestsellers.

Christmas this year will come with an unexpected and special touch of magic!

Bryce Courtenay

Welcome to the World of Bryce Courtenay.

Celebrating the inspiring legacy and amazing life of Australia's favourite storyteller, The World of Bryce Courtenay reveals a very intimate portrait of the man as husband, father, author and advertising legend, as well as the complete collection of Bryce's best-selling books.

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Bryce as a boy More +
Bryce as a boy

The point is I fell in love with words - the power of words. What words could actually do to a person.

High school to adulthood More +
Bryce working as a  'grizzly' in the mines of Rhodesia, early 1950s

It was a philosophy I'd had since I was seven and that was, that somebody has to do it and it might as well be me. And to never to do anything boring.

Australia & advertising More +
Bryce in Sydney

Everything about it was right; the sky was high, the land and people felt familiar. From day one I felt like an Australian...

The dream factory More +
Credit Graham McCarter

When I sat down I started writing about what I knew. I'd had to pull myself up by the bootstraps so I believe in the capacity of every human being to triumph and to achieve anything."

Australia's favourite storyteller More +
Christine and Bryce at the launch for Sylvia, Sydney
Jack of Diamonds cover image

Born and raised in a poor, working-class family in Toronto, Jack Spayd is the son of an unhappy marriage. But when he is given a harmonica...

More +
Fortune Cookie cover image

Fortune Cookie

Enter a dark and dangerous world ...Simon Koo is an ambitious Australian-born Chinese young man who goes to Singapore in the mid-sixties to work for Samuel Oswald Wing, an advertising agency.

More +
The Persimmon Tree book cover

The Persimmon Tree

The Persimmon Tree is a symbol of life, a heartwood that will outlast everything man can make...

More +
Fishing for Stars book cover

Fishing for Stars

Moving between the exotic Pacific Islands, Japan and Australia, over several decades, Fishing for Stars is an epic drama of adventure, ambition and unconventional love ...

More +
The Power of One cover image

The Power of One

First with your head and then with your heart... So says Hoppie Groenwald, boxing champion, to a seven-year-old boy who dreams of being the welterweight champion of the world.

More +
Tandia cover image


Tandia sat waiting anxiously for the fight to begin between the man she loved the most and the man she hated the most in the world.

More +
White Thorn cover image

White Thorn

The time is 1939. White South Africa is a deeply divided nation with many of the Afrikaner people fanatically opposed to the English.

More +
The Night Country cover image

The Night Country

Beautifully packaged with striking watercolour illustrations by Stephen Fearnley, The Night Country is a fable for all ages – a powerful account of the strength that lives within us all.

More +
The Power of One: Young Readers Edition cover image

The Power of One: Young Readers

Born in a South Africa divided by racism and hatred, little six-year-old Peekay learns that small can beat big. Armed with this knowledge, he resolves to take on the injustices of his country, and sets his heart on becoming the welterweight champion of the world.

More +
Jessica cover image


Jessica is based on the inspiring true story of a young girl's fight for justice against tremendous odds.

More +
Matthew Flinders Cat cover image

Matthew Flinders' Cat

The story of a drunk, a boy and a cat.

More +
The Story of Danny Dunn cover image

The Story of Danny Dunn

Danny Dunn has everything going for him: brain, looks, sporting ability - and an easy charm. His parents run The Hero, a neighbourhood pub, and Danny is a local hero.

More +
Sylvia book cover image


'I am Sylvia Honeyeater; I think myself born around 1196, and this is the story of my life.'

More +
The Family Frying Pan book cover image

The Family Frying Pan

Mrs Moses is a small woman with a big heart and enormous courage.

More +
April Fool's Day cover image

April Fool's Day

In the end, love is more important than everything and it will conquer and overcome anything. Or that's how Damon saw it, anyway. Damon wanted a book that talked a lot about love.

More +
Recipe for Dreaming cover image

Recipe for Dreaming

A Recipe for Dreaming is a little treasure of wise words and beautiful images.

More +
Smoky Joe's Café book cover image

Smoky Joe's Café

A Vietnam Vet returns to an Australia that regards him as a mercenary guilty of war crimes.

More +
Brother Fish book cover image

Brother Fish

Brother Fish is an inspiring human drama of three lives brought together and changed forever by the extraordinary events of recent history.

More +
Four Fires cover image

Four Fires

A story of the power of love and the triumph of the human spirit against the odds.

More +